LWC Crosby

Birth Date BW Adj. WW CE BW WW YW
March 1 2011 105 775 2.8 5.9 74.5 122.2

We purchased LWC 232Y from Little Willow Creek Ranch at Frenchman Butte, SK. 232Y is a powerful KOP Crosby 137W son from a TNT Dynamite Black/Lasy S Red 254L dam. LWC 232Y is a powerful beef bull displaying extra length, thickness, muscle expression and haircoat. 232Y’s first calf crop is excellent and we used him heavily on our red program in 2013. Owned by Adair Ranch

Muirhead Live Wire 95R
KOP Crosby 137W
KOP Ms Bengie 6P

TNT Dynamite Black L137
LWC Ms Dynamite 126S
LWC Miss Red 161P